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Put the Lime in the Coconut music_note The Baha Men's version of Harry Nilsson's song "Coconut " includes new and changed lyrics.   Oh let me get this straight Oh mister doctor man I think I´m going insane My girl´s been creepin´ on me and my heart is filled with pain Now I can´t sleep, can´t eat, can´t stop this ...
Put the Lime in the Coconut (performed by Baha Men) music_note The Baha Men's version of Coconut includes new and changed lyrics. The song is on their Move It Like This album. "Put the Lime in the Coconut" by Baha Men
I Guess The Lord Must Be In New York City/Shiver Me Timbers (performed by John DePalma) music_note John DePalma combines Harry Nilsson's I Guess the Lord Must Be In New York City with Tom Waits's "Shiver Me Timbers " on his 2002 album The Song Is Mine .   "<a href="https://nilssonschm ...
Coconut (performed by Sprung Monkey) music_note "<a href="https://nilssonschmilsson.com/coconut-210526130534.html">Coconut</a>" by <a href="https://nilssonschmilsson.com/sprung-monkey.html">Sprung Monkey</a> ...
Passions {"Unknown Episode"} videocam Harry Nilsson's performance of "Remember (Christmas) " was used in an episode of the TV show "Passions" during a montage in memory of the late "Timmy Lenox" and the actor who played him, Josh Ryan Evans .  
One (performed by Nathan Lane) music_note Nathan Lane plays "Snowbell" in the films Stuart Little and Stuart Little 2 . In the second film, Snowbell quotes a line from Harry Nilsson's One . The song is on the film's soundtrack CD .
Coconut (performed by Kid Power) music_note
One (performed by Jim Boggia) music_note Jim Boggia's recording of One is on his CD EP called 4 Sketches . The EP is a four-song album of home demos which was given away at Boggia's June 7, 2002, shows at The Point in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania .
Basket Case book In Carl Hiaasen's novel, Basket Case , the main character writes newspaper obituaries and as a result is obsessed with death and has memorized the ages that celebrities were when they died.   During the course of the novel, he asks a friend how old her ...
20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection: The Best of Randy Newman [2002] album
Troubadours: The Essential Album [2002] album
Ultimate Gangster Movie Soundtrack [2002] album
Coconut {Don Pablos Commercial} music_note Don Pablos , a chain of Mexican restaurants, used the tune of Coconut as the music for a TV commercial. The lyrics are sung to the tune of Coconut .