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Time Passages [1980] album Time Passages is a two-LP box set produced by RCA Special Products for Session Records .      
The Many Moods of Town & Country [1980] album The Many Moods of Town & Country is a five-LP box set produced by RCA Special Products.      
He Needs Me music_note Shelley Duvall's recording of Harry Nilsson's "He Needs Me " is featured in the 2002 film Punch-Drunk Love starring Adam Sandler .   Harry Nilsson wrote "He Needs Me " for the movie Popeye . Actress Shelley Duvall ("Olive Oyl "), ...
I'm Popeye the Sailor Man music_note "I'm Popeye the Sailor Man " was written in 1933 by Sammy Lerner for Popeye's film debut in "Popeye the Sailor ", a Betty Boop cartoon. It took Lerner just two hours to write the song.   Robin Williams performed the song in the 1980 film ...
Nilsson Sings Newman {Pickwick LP Reissue} [1980] album This budget-priced reissue does not include the song "The Beehive State " from the original album.   Leaving off a song or two from the original album was a common practice on Pickwick's budget-priced LPs.
Popeye videocam Released in 1980 by Walt Disney and Paramount Directed By Robert Altman Written by Jules Feiffer and E. C. Segar Starring Robin Williams and Shelley Duvall Music by Harry Nilsson   "Popeye" is a live action film which features ...
It's Not Easy Being Me music_note This duet from Popeye is sung by Popeye ( Robin Williams ) and Bluto ( Paul L. Smith ).
Flash Harry [1980] album Flash Harry was not initially released in the US. The album begins with Eric Idle singing "Harry " and ends with Harry Nilsson performing Idle's "Bright Side of Life ."
In God We Trust (or Gimme That Prime Time Religion) videocam In God We Trust (or Gimme That Prime Time Religion) is a 1980 film written, directed, and starring Marty Feldman . The theme song for the film is Harry Nilsson's recording of his "Good For God " from Duit on Mon Dei .      
Ford Motor Company Presents Quadrasonic Sound for Today {1980} [1980] album A demonstration tape included with 1980 Ford automobiles equipped with a "quadrasonic" tape player.   RCA produced seven different quadrophonic sampler tapes for Ford from 1974 to 1980.
The Wedding Song (performed by Demis Roussos) music_note Demis Roussos recording of The Wedding Song from the musical Zapata was a hit in France and Italy. David Mackay produced the recording. The song is available on Roussos's Man of the World album.
One (performed by John Farnham) music_note The Little River Band's John Farnham recorded a cover of One which was released on his 1970 album Looking Through a Tear (Columbia SCXO 7920). It's available on the CD John Farnham: Anthology Vol. 2 .
Phil Spector 74/79 [1980] album
Popeye [1980] album The soundtrack to the film Popeye , starring Robin Williams and Shelley Duvall , was produced, and "augmented" by Harry Nilsson with music arranged and conducted by Van Dyke Parks . The basic tracks were recorded on location in Malta by The Falcons ...
Son of Schmilsson {Netherlands LP Reissue} [1980] album
The Birds, The Bees, and The Monkees {Japanese LP Reissue} [1980] album The Birds, The Bees, and The Monkees is an album by The Monkees . Harry Nilsson sings backing vocals for the song Auntie's Municipal Court and plays keyboards for Zor and Zam .
Good Morning America [1980] album
I Yam What I Yam music_note Robin Williams (as Popeye) sings "I Yam What I Yam" in the film Popeye .
Aerial Ballet {Pickwick LP Reissue} [1980] album This budget re-issue of Aerial Ballet doesn't include "Bath " or the reprise of "Little Cowboy ."  
Good For God {In God We Trust} music_note Harry Nilsson sings an alternate version of Good for God during the closing credits fo Marty Feldman's 1980 film In God We Trust .
Everybody Loves to Eat music_note Harry Nilsson wrote Everybody Loves to Eat for the film Popeye . Harry recorded a demo version of the song which was not used in the film.
Swee' Pea's Lullaby music_note Robin Williams (as Popeye) sings "Swee' Pea's Lullaby" in the 1980 film Popeye .
Sweethaven music_note
Rain music_note
Sailin' music_note
Popeye Cues music_note The score for Popeye .
I'm Mean music_note
Kids music_note
He's Large music_note
How Long Can Disco On music_note
Cheek to Cheek music_note
Din' We music_note Although it appears on the Popeye soundtrack album, Din' We was not in the final cut of the film.
Everything is Food music_note This song from the film Popeye did not appear on the soundtrack album.
Best Move music_note
Blow Me Down music_note Robin Williams (as Popeye) sings "Blow Me Down" in the film Popeye .