1 Fuck You


The Melvins cover of Harry Nilsson's "You're Breaking My Heart" changes the lyrics to remove all traces of the self-blame and contrition in Nilsson's version.


You're kicking my ass

You're breaking my bass

So fuck you


You won't drive my car

Might be a star

So fuck you


This is our Harry Nilsson cover, which was a no-brainer. His song was called ‘You’re Breaking My Heart.’ According to the documentary about him, he wrote it about his ex-wife. Nilsson was a strange cat - he never played live. This was a song that I’ve wanted to cover for a long time, and I changed the lyrics to be as offensive as possible. We really liked the beginning with us screaming, ‘Fuck you!’ so we decided to isolate that for the second song. If you take the two ‘Brian’ tracks, ‘Boy Mike,’ and the two ‘F**k Yous,’ it’s like a nice little EP in the middle of the album.

--  Buzz Osborne [1]