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Wilton Felder to Dale Turner in 16 Steps

  1. Wilton Felder played bass for Bongo Rock '73
  2. Bongo Rock '73 features drums played by Jim Gordon
  3. Jim Gordon played percussion for Nilsson Schmilsson
  4. Nilsson Schmilsson includes guitar played by Chris Spedding
  5. Chris Spedding played guitar for Son of Dracula
  6. Son of Dracula includes saxophone played by Bobby Keys
  7. Bobby Keys played saxophone for Pussy Cats
  8. Pussy Cats includes saxophone played by Gene Cipriano
  9. Gene Cipriano played saxophone for Duit on Mon Dei
  10. Duit on Mon Dei includes guitar played by Danny Kortchmar
  11. Danny Kortchmar played guitar for Lady Gaye
  12. Lady Gaye features drums played by Ringo Starr
  13. Ringo Starr played drums for All My Life
  14. All My Life was arranged by Harry Nilsson
  15. Harry Nilsson wrote Coconut
  16. Coconut was recorded by Dale Turner