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Harry And ... [1979] album Harry Nilsson's association with RCA had been rocky from the start and Harry's frustration reached its peak when RCA released Greatest Hits in spite of his objections then failed to promote Knnillssonn .   Then RCA licensed the songs for Harry ...
...That's the Way It Is {UK, LP(2)} [1976] album
...That's the Way It Is {UK, LP} [1976] album
...That's the Way It Is {UK, Cassette} [1976] album
As Time Goes By ... the complete Schmilsson in the night [1996] album BMG's Camden label in England issued this CD containing the complete A Little Touch Of Schmilsson in the Night sessions. Although the CD is budget-priced (around $14 in the US), it contains over 50 minutes of music and is packaged very nicely with liner ...
Troubadours: The Essential Album [2002] album
All For Love [1982] album
70 Years of Recorded Music [1971] album 70 Years of Recorded Music is a special two-LP box set presented to those attending a luncheon given in honor of Robert W. Sarnoff , the Chairman of RCA Corporation by the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry at Draper's Hall in London, England , ...