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Think About Your Troubles to Audie Murphy in 13 Steps

  1. Think About Your Troubles was published by Six Continents Music
  2. Six Continents Music published The Tree
  3. The Tree was produced by Rick Jarrard
  4. Rick Jarrard produced Miss Butter's Lament
  5. Miss Butter's Lament was written by Harry Nilsson
  6. Harry Nilsson wrote All For The Beatles
  7. All For The Beatles was published by Robin Hood Music Co.
  8. Robin Hood Music Co. published So Proud Of You
  9. So Proud Of You was written by John Marascalco
  10. John Marascalco wrote Take This Heart
  11. Take This Heart was written by Scott Turner
  12. Scott Turner wrote Please Mr. Music Man
  13. Please Mr. Music Man was written by Audie Murphy