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The Moonbeam Song to Baby, I'm Yours in 14 Steps

  1. The Moonbeam Song was published by EMI
  2. EMI published You're Breaking My Heart
  3. You're Breaking My Heart was produced by Richard Perry
  4. Richard Perry produced Son of Dracula
  5. Son of Dracula includes guitar played by Peter Frampton
  6. Peter Frampton played guitar for The Lottery Song
  7. The Lottery Song features piano played by Nicky Hopkins
  8. Nicky Hopkins played piano for You're Sixteen
  9. You're Sixteen features guitar played by Vini Poncia
  10. Vini Poncia wrote Lady Gaye
  11. Lady Gaye features guitar played by Jesse Ed Davis
  12. Jesse Ed Davis played guitar for Good For God
  13. Good For God features saxophone played by Trevor Lawrence
  14. Trevor Lawrence arranged Baby, I'm Yours