The bar inside The Jolly Roger restaurant at 6430 Sunset Blvd. in Los Angeles was one of Harry Nilsson's legendary haunts.


Now it's the Jolly Roger Restaurant that hums each noon with talk of copyrights, acquisitions, new releases, contracts, royalties, master purchases and co -publishing. The Jolly Roger, supplanting the Turf and Lindy's, is located on the ground floor at 6430 Sunset and takes no reservations. With the dearth of good restaurants in the area, it does a booming business, despite its limited menu.
[...]In the evening it's Martoni's, only a hundred steps away, that caters to our industry. At the moment and from 12 to 2, it's the Jolly Roger. Still, the more affluent will occasionally wander the few blocks eastward to the Derby for conferences with Capitol or W-R execs; the caste system dies hard in our trade.[1]