Harry Nilsson is mentioned in House Concurrent Resolution number 314 introduced in the Texas state House of Representatives by Dale Tillery in May of 1997.



By Tillery                                           H.C.R. No. 314
         75R16855 BNL-D                           
                             HOUSE CONCURRENT RESOLUTION
 1-1           WHEREAS, The United States Postal Service has issued
 1-2     commemorative stamps honoring a wide range of people, places, and
 1-3     events significant to American culture, but despite repeated
 1-4     requests and a number of petitions, the postal service has refused
 1-5     to commission a regular issue stamp honoring one of the greatest
 1-6     war heroes in our nation's history, Major Audie Leon Murphy; and
 1-7           WHEREAS, Audie Murphy embarked on his storied military career
 1-8     on June 20, 1942, when he answered his country's call to arms by
 1-9     enlisting in the United States Army; over the next three years, his
1-10     courageous service in North Africa and Europe earned him every
1-11     decoration for valor that our country offers, including the Medal
1-12     of Honor, and five decorations from France and Belgium as well; and
1-13           WHEREAS, Following his return to civilian life, the most
1-14     honored soldier of World War II launched a successful acting career
1-15     in such movies as The Red Badge of Courage and To Hell and Back,
1-16     which was based on his best-selling autobiography; he was also a
1-17     songwriter, penning chart-topping hits for such diverse artists as
1-18     Dean Martin, Porter Wagoner, Harry Nilsson, and many others; and
1-19           WHEREAS, Success could not erase the painful memories he
1-20     brought back from battle, however, and like many soldiers who have
1-21     endured the unimaginable brutality of war, he suffered throughout
1-22     his life from what is now known as Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome;
1-23     long before society recognized this problem as an understandable
1-24     and treatable reaction to extreme duress, he dared to break the
 2-1     silence surrounding this misunderstood condition, speaking out
 2-2     candidly on his own experiences and urging better treatment for
 2-3     veterans of Korea and Vietnam; and
 2-4           WHEREAS, After his death in 1971, Audie Murphy was buried
 2-5     with full honors in Arlington National Cemetery, and to this day,
 2-6     his gravesite is the second most visited site there, with only
 2-7     President John F. Kennedy's grave drawing more visitors; since his
 2-8     death, more than 10,000 petition forms have been forwarded to the
 2-9     postal service asking that a stamp be issued in his memory, but the
2-10     postmaster general has replied that this heartfelt request to honor
2-11     a true American hero is "not appropriate"; and
2-12           WHEREAS, To this day, Audie Murphy embodies for many
2-13     Americans the spirit of patriotism, service, and sacrifice that has
2-14     made our nation strong, and numerous statues, buildings, and other
2-15     memorials across the country have been dedicated in his honor; yet
2-16     despite the magnitude of his sacrifice and service, many young
2-17     people today are unaware of the contributions Audie Murphy made to
2-18     this country, and a postage stamp commemorating his achievements
2-19     would be a crucial step in preserving his legacy and in
2-20     demonstrating our nation's commitment to keeping his memory alive;
2-21     and
2-22           WHEREAS, Recent postage stamps have paid tribute to actors,
2-23     rock and roll singers, and even cartoon characters; a stamp issued
2-24     in 1983 purported to honor all Medal of Honor winners, and a 1995
2-25     special edition series commemorating World War II mentioned Major
2-26     Murphy but did not dedicate an individual stamp to him; veterans
2-27     and historians are united in their belief that a regular issue
 3-1     stamp dedicated solely to Major Murphy is both appropriate and long
 3-2     overdue, and the continued exclusion of the single most decorated
 3-3     soldier of World War II from the post office's pantheon of honored
 3-4     individuals remains nothing less than a travesty, and an undeserved
 3-5     betrayal not only of Audie Murphy but of all his countless fellow
 3-6     veterans who gave so much of themselves to this country; and
 3-7           WHEREAS, While Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, and Bugs Bunny,
 3-8     all subjects of recent stamps, are easily recognizable icons of
 3-9     American culture, Audie Murphy is much more than a representation
3-10     of beauty, rock music, or comedy: he symbolizes the spirit of a
3-11     nation that for more than 200 years has relied on its citizens to
3-12     step forward in times of need and lay down their lives for the
3-13     cause of freedom and democracy; Major Audie Leon Murphy answered
3-14     that challenge unhesitatingly, and he deserves to be remembered by
3-15     the subsequent generations of Americans who have enjoyed the
3-16     liberty that he valiantly fought to preserve; now, therefore, be it
3-17           RESOLVED, That the 75th Legislature of the State of Texas
3-18     hereby respectfully express to the Congress of the United States
3-19     its legislative support for the creation of a regular issue postage
3-20     stamp honoring Major Audie Murphy; and, be it further
3-21           RESOLVED, That the Texas secretary of state forward official
3-22     copies of this resolution to the president of the United States, to
3-23     the speaker of the house of representatives and the president of
3-24     the senate of the United States Congress, and to all the members of
3-25     the Texas delegation to the congress with the request that this
3-26     resolution be officially entered in the Congressional Record as a
3-27     memorial to the Congress of the United States of America.