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Son of Schmilsson to Laugh-In in 15 Steps

  1. Son of Schmilsson includes guitar played by Peter Frampton
  2. Peter Frampton played guitar for Son of Dracula
  3. Son of Dracula includes saxophone played by Bobby Keys
  4. Bobby Keys played sax for Silver Horse
  5. Silver Horse was produced by Harry Nilsson
  6. Harry Nilsson wrote Goeie Ouwe Plee
  7. Goeie Ouwe Plee was published by Unichappell Music
  8. Unichappell Music published Littlest Kidnapper
  9. Littlest Kidnapper was published by Six Continents Music
  10. Six Continents Music published Guess Who's Coming To Lunch
  11. Guess Who's Coming To Lunch is heard in The Courtship of Eddie's Father
  12. The Courtship of Eddie's Father featured Bill Bixby
  13. Bill Bixby starred in My Favorite Martian
  14. My Favorite Martian features an appearance by Henry Gibson
  15. Henry Gibson appeared in Laugh-In