Opening act Ron Sexsmith dedicated his debut album to the late Harry Nilsson, which is not a bit surprising. Like Nilsson (especially in his early work), Sexsmith projects the endearing sweetness of an artist willing to open his heart for all to examine.[1]


Ron Sexsmith performed "I Guess the Lord Must Be in New York City" on NPR's "Anthem" radio show on February 14, 1998.


A few months before [Harry Nilsson] died, I was in LA, meeting potential producers for what was to be my debut album. During such a meeting with T-Bone Burnett, we got on the subject of Nilsson. He could hear in my music that I was a fan.
He told me that Harry was working on a record and that he would call him on my behalf and try to arrange a meeting that very weekend! Well, later on that night, T-Bone called my hotel room to say that Harry was unable to get together but would love to hook up next time I was in town....
As my luck or fate would have it, there wouldn't be a next time. After Nilsson died I truly felt the world to be a slightly sadder place. His death almost seemed to go unnoticed....
The voice that always found a way to cheer me up was gone.

-- Ron Sexsmith[2]