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Mike McNaught to Rod Stewart in 10 Steps

  1. Mike McNaught arranged Blanket for a Sail
  2. Blanket for a Sail was published by Golden Syrup Music
  3. Golden Syrup Music published Who Done It?
  4. Who Done It? was produced by Harry Nilsson
  5. Harry Nilsson wrote Love Is the Answer
  6. Love Is the Answer was written by Perry Botkin
  7. Perry Botkin (the elder) played guitar for Bing Crosby
  8. Bing Crosby is one of the many artists that recorded Makin' Whoopee!
  9. Makin' Whoopee! was recorded by many artists including Elton John
  10. Elton John recorded a duet of "Makin' Whoopee" with Rod Stewart