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Little Cowboy to April 8 in 14 Steps

  1. Little Cowboy was published by Unichappell Music
  2. Unichappell Music published Me And My Arrow
  3. Me and My Arrow was recorded by Cynthia Henderson
  4. Cynthia Henderson recorded You're Breaking My Heart
  5. You're Breaking My Heart was produced by Richard Perry
  6. Richard Perry wrote I'd Rather Be Dead
  7. I'd Rather Be Dead was published by EMI Blackwood Music
  8. EMI Blackwood Music published Jesus Christ You're Tall
  9. Jesus Christ You're Tall was produced by Harry Nilsson
  10. Harry Nilsson sang Never Say Goodbye
  11. Never Say Goodbye was written by Yoko Ono
  12. Yoko Ono wrote Loneliness
  13. Loneliness has backing vocals by Carmen Twillie
  14. Carmen Twillie was born on April 8