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Lean On Me to Dom DeLuise in 13 Steps

  1. Lean On Me was produced by Robin Geoffrey Cable
  2. Robin Geoffrey Cable produced All I Think About is You
  3. All I Think About is You was produced by Nilsson House
  4. Nilsson House produced So Long Dad
  5. So Long Dad features piano played by Randy Newman
  6. Randy Newman played piano for Nilsson Sings Newman
  7. Nilsson Sings Newman is a favorite album of Anne Murray
  8. Anne Murray was managed by Shep Gordon
  9. Shep Gordon managed Alice Cooper
  10. Alice Cooper appeared in an episode of Something Wilder
  11. Something Wilder featured Gene Wilder
  12. Gene Wilder directed The World's Greatest Lover
  13. The World's Greatest Lover features an appearance by Dom DeLuise