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LaVern Baker to Blackbird in 13 Steps

  1. LaVern Baker recorded Jump into the Fire
  2. Jump into the Fire was published by EMI
  3. EMI published Salmon Falls
  4. Salmon Falls was produced by Harry Nilsson
  5. Harry Nilsson wrote Up The Revolution
  6. Up The Revolution was published by Perryvale Music
  7. Perryvale Music published These Are the Brave
  8. These Are the Brave was written by Perry Botkin
  9. Perry Botkin played bongos for Bongo Rock '73
  10. Bongo Rock '73 was mixed by John Lennon
  11. John Lennon wrote She's Leaving Home
  12. She's Leaving Home was written by Paul McCartney
  13. Paul McCartney wrote Blackbird