A 2005 interview of Kevin Tihista published in the Chicago Tribune begins with the interviewer stating:


Seems every review of your records mentions The Beach Boys and The Beatles. I actually hear a little more of Harry Nilsson's wink and nod in your songs.


To which Tihista replies:


I'll take that comparison any day. I only started listening to him like five years ago. My mom sent me his greatest hits. I love it. I think more of the songs have that [tongue-in-cheek element]. It's kind of like Morrissey, you know. Morrissey is gloomy, but his songs are funny.



Kevin Tihista is a singer-songwriter and musician. He is a former bassist for the Chicago group Triple Fast Action and contributed songs to the Veruca Salt album Resolver. Tihista's solo music is a mixture of pop and rock combining orchestration, electronica, vamping, and multi-tracking. Much of his solo work has been released under the eponym, "Kevin Tihista's Red Terror," a musical collaboration between Tihista and brothers Tom and Ellis Clark of the band "Epicycle."