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Jump Into The Fire to The Flying Saucer Song in 14 Steps

  1. Jump Into the Fire was recorded by LaVern Baker
  2. LaVern Baker recorded Jump Into the Fire
  3. Jump Into The Fire was published by EMI
  4. EMI published Me And My Arrow
  5. Me And My Arrow was recorded by The Kojacks
  6. The Kojacks recorded Gotta Get Up
  7. Gotta Get Up was published by Six Continents Music
  8. Six Continents Music published Guess Who's Coming To Lunch
  9. Guess Who's Coming To Lunch was published by Unichappell Music
  10. Unichappell Music published Episode
  11. Episode was written by Harry Nilsson
  12. Harry Nilsson produced Jesus Christ You're Tall
  13. Jesus Christ You're Tall was arranged by The Band
  14. The Band arranged The Flying Saucer Song