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Johnny Thunder to Frank Adams in 13 Steps

  1. Johnny Thunder recorded the hit version of Loop de Loop
  2. Loop de Loop was produced by John Lennon
  3. John Lennon executed the mix down for Bongo Rock '73
  4. Bongo Rock '73 was arranged by Don Coster
  5. Don Coster arranged Bongo Rock
  6. Bongo Rock was produced by Michael Viner
  7. Michael Viner produced the 1973 inaugural ball for Richard Nixon
  8. Richard Nixon is heard in Also Sprach Schmilsson Schmixon
  9. Also Sprach Schmilsson Schmixon was produced by Harry Nilsson
  10. Harry Nilsson wrote 1941
  11. 1941 was recorded by John Randolph Marr
  12. John Randolph Marr recorded I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now
  13. I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now was written by Frank Adams