"I Don't Need You" by Harry Nilsson


Steve Cropper and Donald "Duck" Dunn came from L.A. to Memphis to record some stuff on the Blues Brothers (John Belushi/Dan Aykroyd) at Shoe Production Studios in 1978. They heard my song 'I Don't Need You,' which I had released on Mercury Records through Juddie Phillips. They loved it and took it back because Steve was doing the next project for Harry Nilsson, whom I loved and worshipped. I couldn't believe I would ever get to meet him, see him, talk to him, or anything, much less that he would sing and put on record 'I Don't Need You' by Rick Christian. It looked and sounded beautiful. It was Harry - it was my song. I loved it!
I always thought it was weird Harry recorded it on Mercury and so did I. Oh well, I loved Harry. I have since had records on Capricorn and also Columbia Records (CBS). Buddy Guy, a well-known blues picker, recorded a song of mine called 'Nobody Understands Me But My Guitar.'

-- Rick L. Christian (January 2002)