Harry Nilsson sings backing vocals on the 1993 album Hang Out Your Poetry by Ceremony. The credits list Harry under the heading "Guests."


The album is produced by Mark Hudson. Some of Harry's other collaborators such as Jim Horn and Jim Keltner also appear on the album.


Ceremony consists of Chastity Bono (vocals, percussion, acoustic guitar), Chance (guitar, vocals), Pete McRae (guitar), Steve Bauman (keyboards), Louie Ruiz (bass), and Bryn Mathieu (drums). The album was recorded at Capitol Recording, Lion Share Recording and Complex Studios, Los Angeles, California.


All the songs were written or co-written by Chastity Bono, Chance, and Mark Hudson except "Breathless" by Dianne Warren.


Chastity Bono is the daughter of 60's pop luminaries Sonny and Cher.