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Gary Sinise to Shady Lane in 14 Steps

  1. Gary Sinise appears in Forrest Gump
  2. Forrest Gump features an appearance by Tom Hanks
  3. Tom Hanks is in the cast of You've Got Mail
  4. You've Got Mail has music by George Fenton
  5. George Fenton composed music for The Fisher King
  6. The Fisher King features an appearance by Harry Shearer
  7. Harry Shearer wrote Party from Outer Space
  8. Party from Outer Space was written by Albert Brooks
  9. Albert Brooks is the brother of Bob Einstein
  10. Bob Einstein is also known as Super Dave Osbourne
  11. Super Dave Osbourne sang King of the Road
  12. King of the Road was written by Roger Miller
  13. Roger Miller was, according to Margo Price, a country Harry Nilsson
  14. Harry Nilsson wrote Shady Lane