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Willem Nijholt to What Can I Do in 15 Steps

  1. Willem Nijholt wrote Goeie Ouwe Plee
  2. Goeie Ouwe Plee was published by Six Continents Music
  3. Six Continents Music published Gotta Get Up
  4. Gotta Get Up was produced by Richard Perry
  5. Richard Perry produced Jump Into The Fire
  6. Jump Into the Fire was covered by Elena Powell
  7. Elena Powell recorded Jump Into the Fire
  8. Jump Into The Fire was written by Harry Nilsson
  9. Harry Nilsson wrote So Proud Of You
  10. So Proud of You was covered by Vivian Roberts
  11. Vivian Roberts recorded So Proud of You
  12. So Proud Of You was written by John Marascalco
  13. John Marascalco wrote Take This Heart
  14. Take This Heart was written by Scott Turner
  15. Scott Turner wrote What Can I Do