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Ricky Nelson to Loop de Loop in 21 Steps

  1. Ricky Nelson sings vocals on Keith Moon's album Two Sides of the Moon
  2. Two Sides of the Moon is an album by Keith Moon
  3. Keith Moon was a member of the original Hollywood Vampires
  4. Hollywood Vampires was a celebrity drinking club that included Ringo Starr
  5. Ringo Starr played drums for Lady Gaye
  6. Lady Gaye features bass played by Klaus Voormann
  7. Klaus Voormann played bass for Nilsson Schmilsson
  8. Nilsson Schmilsson was recorded by Harry Nilsson
  9. Harry Nilsson wrote Travelin' Man
  10. Travelin' Man was published by New Christy Music Publishing Co.
  11. New Christy Music Publishing Co. published J'attendrai Longtemps
  12. J'attendrai Longtemps was written by Scott Turner
  13. Scott Turner wrote A Man and His Castle
  14. A Man and His Castle was written by John Marascalco
  15. John Marascalco wrote All For The Beatles
  16. All For The Beatles was published by Robin Hood Music Co.
  17. Robin Hood Music Co. published Chicago
  18. Chicago is the birthplace of Jane Getz
  19. Jane Getz played piano for Pussy Cats
  20. Pussy Cats includes guitar played by Danny Kootch
  21. Danny Kootch played guitar for Loop de Loop