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Patricia Sullivan to Bob Dylan in 14 Steps

  1. Patricia Sullivan was married to Jimmy Webb
  2. Jimmy Webb recorded Life Line
  3. Life Line was recorded by The Kojacks
  4. The Kojacks recorded Nobody Cares about the Railroads Anymore
  5. Nobody Cares about the Railroads Anymore was sung by Harry Nilsson
  6. Harry Nilsson sang Down By the Sea
  7. Down By the Sea features guitar played by Sneaky Pete
  8. Sneaky Pete was also known as Sneaky Pete Kleinow
  9. Sneaky Pete Kleinow played pedal steel guitar for Pussy Cats
  10. Pussy Cats includes bass played by Klaus Voormann
  11. Klaus Voormann played bass for Good For God
  12. Good For God features saxophone played by Trevor Lawrence
  13. Trevor Lawrence played sax for Subterranean Homesick Blues
  14. Subterranean Homesick Blues was written by Bob Dylan