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Harry Nilsson to Harry Ruby in 13 Steps

  1. Harry Nilsson sang I'll Never Leave You
  2. I'll Never Leave You was produced by Richard Perry
  3. Richard Perry produced I'd Rather Be Dead
  4. I'd Rather Be Dead was covered by Cynthia Henderson
  5. Cynthia Henderson recorded Coconut
  6. Coconut is heard in Reservoir Dogs
  7. Reservoir Dogs stars Tim Roth
  8. Tim Roth is in the cast of Pulp Fiction
  9. Pulp Fiction cast includes John Travolta
  10. John Travolta is one of many artists that recorded It Had to Be You
  11. It Had to Be You was produced by Derek Taylor
  12. Derek Taylor produced Nevertheless (I'm In Love With You)
  13. Nevertheless (I'm In Love With You) was written by Harry Ruby