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Everything He Needs to Clifford T. Ward in 13 Steps

  1. Everything He Needs was written by Harry Nilsson
  2. Harry Nilsson sang Living Without You
  3. Living Without You features piano played by Randy Newman
  4. Randy Newman played piano for Nilsson Sings Newman
  5. Nilsson Sings Newman is a favorite album of Anne Murray
  6. Anne Murray was famously photographed with the Hollywood Vampires
  7. Hollywood Vampires was a celebrity drinking club that included John Lennon
  8. John Lennon produced Don't Forget Me
  9. Don't Forget Me by Joe Cocker features piano played by Nicky Hopkins
  10. Nicky Hopkins played piano for Old Dirt Road
  11. Old Dirt Road features guitar played by Jesse Ed Davis
  12. Jesse Ed Davis played guitar for Lady Gaye
  13. Lady Gaye was written by Clifford T. Ward