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Drumming is My Madness to Craig Robinson in 15 Steps

  1. Drumming is My Madness features guitar played by Richie Zito
  2. Richie Zito played guitar for Back Off Boogaloo
  3. Back Off Boogaloo features guitar played by Dennis Budimir
  4. Dennis Budimir played guitar for ...That's the Way It Is
  5. ...That's the Way It Is includes cello played by Jesse Ehrlich
  6. Jesse Ehrlich played cello for Aerial Pandemonium Ballet
  7. Aerial Pandemonium Ballet includes guitar played by Mike Deasy
  8. Mike Deasy played guitar for Bongo Rock
  9. Bongo Rock was produced by Michael Viner
  10. Michael Viner produced the 1973 inaugural ball for Richard Nixon
  11. Richard Nixon is heard in Also Sprach Schmilsson Schmixon
  12. Also Sprach Schmilsson Schmixon was produced by Harry Nilsson
  13. Harry Nilsson sang Early In The Morning
  14. Early In The Morning is heard in Lucky
  15. Lucky features an appearance by Craig Robinson