Dan Reynolds is a songwriter and the lead vocalist for Imagine Dragons. He credits Harry Nilsson as an influence on his lyrics and vocals. The first piece of music he bought for himself was a copy of Nilsson Schmilsson on CD.[1]


Probably the most influential artist, for me, is Harry Nilsson. He was most of The Beatles' favorite artist. The song "Everybody's Talkin'" has always been important to me. His album Nilsson Schmilsson is one of my favorite records. Most people I talk to don’t actually know who Harry Nilsson is. Man, what a travesty.[2]


Asked "Are there those artists that inspired you with their vulnerability?" Reynolds replied:


Yes, Cat Stevens, I love Cat Stevens. I'm probably more influenced by him than anyone else lyrically. I listen to "Father And Son," I listen to so many of his songs that from the age of 13, I was just digesting everything he did. Harry Nilsson, same thing for me. So much vulnerability there, so many moments that you feel, even if it's not even the words, sometimes it's just what I feel. [3]