Director Cameron Crowe listed his "Top 10 Music Moments in Film" for issue 240 of Empire magazine published in June of 2009.


At number 7 in the list is Harry Nilsson's recording of "Everybody's Talkin'" in Midnight Cowboy. Crowe writes, "The song is the opening brush stroke on a masterpiece, the perfect touch for an opening sequence."[1]


Nilsson also makes the list at number 6 with "Jump Into the Fire" from Martin Scorcese's Goodfellas. "Scorcese uses [the song] to create a mini-opera. He wrings the song to within an inch of its life, re-inventing it as a paranoid anthem. The 'Jump Into The Fire' sequence would set the scene for a thousand attempts by others to duplicate it, but only Scorcese, the music geek, gets it right."[2]