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Are You Sleeping? to Bowling Green, Kentucky in 14 Steps

  1. Are You Sleeping? was covered by E. J. Gold
  2. E. J. Gold photographed Bill Martin in a bear suit for the album Harry
  3. Harry is a song by Eric Idle
  4. Eric Idle produced Flash Harry
  5. Flash Harry includes guitar played by Fred Tackett
  6. Fred Tackett played guitar for Back Off Boogaloo
  7. Back Off Boogaloo was arranged by Van Dyke Parks
  8. Van Dyke Parks played keyboards for ...That's the Way It Is
  9. ...That's the Way It Is includes keyboards played by Jane Getz
  10. Jane Getz played piano for Pussy Cats
  11. Pussy Cats includes bass played by Klaus Voormann
  12. Klaus Voormann played guitar for The Lottery Song
  13. The Lottery Song was covered by Bill Lloyd
  14. Bill Lloyd was born in Bowling Green, Kentucky