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Ann O'Dell to All My Life in 13 Steps

  1. Ann O'Dell played piano for Frankenstein, Merlin & The Operation
  2. Frankenstein, Merlin & The Operation features piano played by Peter Robinson
  3. Peter Robinson played piano for Perhaps This is All a Dream
  4. Perhaps This is All a Dream was produced by Ringo Starr
  5. Ringo Starr recorded Goodnight Vienna
  6. Goodnight Vienna was produced by Richard Perry
  7. Richard Perry produced Nilsson Schmilsson
  8. Nilsson Schmilsson includes guitar played by Caleb Quaye
  9. Caleb Quaye was born on October 9
  10. October 9 is the birthday of John Lennon
  11. John Lennon arranged Loop de Loop
  12. Loop de Loop features saxophone played by Bobby Keys
  13. Bobby Keys played sax for All My Life