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Aerial Ballet to The Buffoons in 13 Steps

  1. Aerial Ballet includes cello played by Ray Kelly
  2. Ray Kelly played cello for ...That's the Way It Is
  3. ...That's the Way It Is includes saxophone played by Bobby Keys
  4. Bobby Keys played saxophone for Son of Schmilsson
  5. Son of Schmilsson includes percussion played by Ray Cooper
  6. Ray Cooper played percussion for Son of Dracula
  7. Son of Dracula was produced by Richard Perry
  8. Richard Perry produced Gotta Get Up
  9. Gotta Get Up was published by Unichappell Music
  10. Unichappell Music published Gentlemen Friend
  11. Gentlemen Friend was published by Six Continents Music
  12. Six Continents Music published Little Cowboy
  13. Little Cowboy was recorded by The Buffoons