First performed in 1993, "A Field of Grass" is a dance set to songs by Harry Nilsson with choreography by Paul Taylor.


An Excerpt from "A Field of Grass"


Short but Only Deceptively Sweet -- A master of mixing dark and light, Paul Taylor outdid himself in "A Field of Grass," a stunningly succinct re-creation of the apocalyptic 1960s and the decade's appetite for love, death and drugs.

-- Jennifer Dunning[1]


In 1996, the Paul Taylor Dance Company performed the piece at the Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival in Becket, Massachusetts.


"A Field of Grass" (1993), set to Harry Nilsson's pop recordings, re-creates the sounds, sights and sensations of the swinging '70s by Taylor's authentic perceptions of those halcyon times. It opens with the versatile [Patrick] Corbin sitting in the lotus position smoking a joint. As the other dancers (Rachel Berman Benz, Kristi Egtvedt, Chen See, Andrew LeBeau, Caryn Heilman and [Jill] Echo), clad in the faded, bell-bottomed jeans of the period, join him, the communal movements recall the galactic, discographic, love-in attitudes of the acid-induced Age of Aquarius. [2]