Title Summary
The Puppy Song (performed by Uncle Kracker) music_note Uncle Kracker performs "The Puppy Song " in the 2003 film Good Boy! . "The Puppy Song" by Uncle Kracker
Ringo Rama [2003] album Ringo Starr's 2003 album, Ringo Rama features a song dedicated to George Harrison .   The song "Never Without You " features a guitar solo from Eric Clapton and was written by Ringo Starr , producer Mark Hudson , and guitarist Gary Nicholson .   ...
Lucky {???} videocam Harry Nilsson's recording of "Early in the Morning " is heard in an episode of the short-lived 2003 TV series, "Lucky."
One (performed by Ilona Knopfler) music_note Ilona Knopfler recorded her jazz version of Harry Nilsson's One for her 2003 album Some Kind of Wonderful .   "One" Performed By Ilona Knopfler  
The Crying Game [2003] album