Title Summary
Duit on Mon Dei {2002 Japanese CD Reissue} [2002] album
Harry {Japanese CD Reissue} [2002] album
Nilsson Schmilsson {Japanese CD Reissue} [2002] album
Nilsson Sings Newman {US Deluxe CD Reissue} [2002] album
Knnillssonn {2002 Japanese CD Reissue} [2002] album
The Point! {Japanese CD Reissue} [2002] album The Point! is the soundtrack of Harry's animated TV special. The Point! aired on ABC TV in early 1971.   The TV program was narrated by Dustin Hoffman . The album is narrated by Harry.   The album reached #25 during a 32-week stay on the ...
...That's the Way It Is {US, Cassette} [2002] album
Pandemonium Shadow Show {Japanese CD Reissue} [2002] album This Japanese release of Harry Nilsson's first RCA album, Pandemonium Shadow Show , includes the mono single version of She Sang Hymns Out Of Tune .
Greatest Hits {Japanese CD} [2002] album Twenty-one of Harry Nilsson's greatest hits on one CD.
Pussy Cats {Japanese CD Reissue} [2002] album Produced by John Lennon , Pussy Cats was recorded during John's "Lost Weekend " in Los Angeles, California .
Sandman {Japanese CD Reissue} [2002] album
Son of Schmilsson {Japanese CD Reissue} [2002] album Son of Schmilsson was released while Nilsson Schmilsson was still on the charts. It hit #12, spent 31 weeks on the charts, and went gold. At the end of the Son of Schmilsson album Richard Perry says "Goodbye, Harry" to which Harry replies, "See ya ...
Aerial Pandemonium Ballet {Japanese CD Reissue} [2002] album
Aerial Ballet {Japanese CD Reissue} [2002] album