Title Summary
The Story of Rock & Roll (Second Version) (Tracking Session Take 5A) (performed by The Monkees) music_note "The Story of Rock & Roll" by The Monkees  
High Fidelity videocam Harry Nilsson's "The Moonbeam Song " is heard about one hour into the film High Fidelity during a scene where "Rob" ( John Cusack ) realizes that "Ray" ( Tim Robbins ) is in the record store and shouts at him to leave.
Steve Wright's Sunday Love Songs [2000] album
Coconut (performed by Ac-Rock) music_note AC-Rock's version of Coconut is on their 2000 album Acappellago . Even though they are listed as separate tracks, Coconut is actually performed as a medley with "Witch Doctor ."
Mournin' Glory Story (performed by Bobby Graham) music_note Nineteen-sixties session drummer, Bobby Graham , recorded Mournin' Glory Story which is on his Crazy Drums/Crazy Drummer album.
Remember (Christmas) (performed by Michael Chertock) music_note Pianist Michael Chertock recorded Remember (Christmas) for his 2000 album Love at the Movies .
Remember (Christmas) (performed by Vicki Stuart) music_note Vicki Stuart's recording of Remember (Christmas) is on the cast album We'll Meet Again .
Coconut (performed by Markus) music_note Markus's version of Coconut is on the 2000 album I Like You!
Dog Songs {CD} [2000] album
The Ultimate Singer/Songwriter Collection [2000] album
The Official American Bandstand Library Of Rock & Roll {CD} [2000] album
American Classics [2000] album