Title Summary
Harry / Nilsson Sings Newman [2000] album This UK "two-fer" features Harry Nilsson's Harry and Nilsson Sings Newman albums on one CD. The liner notes are by Roger Smith , the maintainer of the Harry Nilsson Web Pages .
Pandemonium Shadow Show / Aerial Ballet / Aerial Pandemonium Ballet [2000] album This Camden UK release includes Pandemonium Shadow Show , Aerial Ballet , and Aerial Pandemonium Ballet as a single two-CD set with previously-released bonus tracks.
Skidoo / The Point! [2000] album The Point! and Skidoo on one CD.
Son of Schmilsson {UK CD Reissue} [2000] album Son of Schmilsson was released while Nilsson Schmilsson was still on the charts. It hit #12, spent 31 weeks on the charts, and went gold. At the end of the Son of Schmilsson album Richard Perry says "Goodbye, Harry" to which Harry replies, "See ya ...
Nilsson Schmilsson {UK CD Reissue} [2000] album Nilsson Schmilsson is Harry Nilsson's best-selling album. It spent nearly one year on the charts, reaching #3, and going gold. "That album was a great meeting [of minds] ... I was so glad to meet Richard Perry , because he was thinking the same thing I was ...