Title Summary
One (performed by Aimee Mann) music_note Aimee Mann's recording of "One " was used in the film Magnolia .   "I know exactly where I was when I heard the Aimee Mann version. I was in a studio to meet Michael Penn and Jon Brion while they were recording Fiona Apple's first ...
Fantasia's Confidential Ghetto music_note P.M. Dawn's "Fantasia's Confidential Ghetto" incorporates the songs "1999 ," "Once in a Lifetime ," and Harry Nilsson's "Coconut ."
Eighteen With a Bullet: RCA's Catalog of Hits [1999] album Promo-only sampler CD featuring the biggest hits from RCA's music library. Includes Harry Nilsson's performance of "Without You ."
One (performed by Clueless) music_note Clueless recorded One for their 1999 album The Album .
Jump Into the Fire (performed by Elena Powell) music_note Elena Powell's cover of Harry Nilsson's Jump Into the Fire is on her 1999 album Fractal Hoedown .
Life Line: The Songs of Nilsson 1967-1971 [1999] album Promotional-only release by the publisher of most of Harry Nilsson's music.
Have A Buddhaful Day! [1999] album Promotional-only release.
The All Time Greatest Country Songs [1999] album
Goodbye Buddy (The Buddy Holly Story) [1999] album
Hits Of The 60s [1999] album     This various artists collection was released with at least three different CD covers.