Title Summary
Remember (Christmas) (performed by Randy Newman) music_note Randy Newman recorded "Remember (Christmas) " for the For The Love of Harry: Everybody Sings Nilsson album.   Randy Newman "Remember"  
This Could Be the Night (performed by Brian Wilson) music_note "This Could Be The Night" by Brian Wilson  
Children of the Night [1994] album Children of the Night is an album released by E. J. Gold in 1994. The tribute album contains Gold's unique interpretations of twenty of Harry Nilsson's songs.   The album features impressions of many celebrities including Dr. John , Jean Stapleton , ...
AM Gold [1994] album AM Gold is a series of various artist CDs.
Are You Sleeping? (performed by E. J. Gold) music_note "Are You Sleeping? " is one of the songs that E. J. Gold included on his 1994 Harry Nilsson tribute album, Children of the Night .  
Everybody's Talkin' {Australian CD} [1994] album Includes full length version of "Jump Into The Fire ."
Drive My Car PSA videocam Harry Nilsson appeared in a music video of the song "Drive My Car" created by RADD ("Recording Artists, Actors, and Athletes Against Drunk Driving "). The video debuted on the American Music Awards on February 7, 1994 during the third hour of ...
Think About Your Troubles (performed by Jellyfish) music_note Think About Your Troubles was the last studio track recorded by Jellyfish . It originally was released on the album, For the Love of Harry: Everybody Sings Nilsson . It's currently available on the group's Fan Club 4-CD box set.
Me And My Arrow (performed by Micky Dolenz) music_note Micky Dolenz's version of Me and My Arrow was released on his 1994 CD Broadway Micky .
Joy (performed by Joe Ely) music_note
Mournin' Glory Story (performed by Jennifer Trynin) music_note
Salmon Falls (performed by Al Kooper) music_note
The Lottery Song (performed by Bill Lloyd) music_note Bill Lloyd recorded The Lottery Song for the album For The Love of Harry: Everybody Sings Nilsson .
The Puppy Song (performed by Victoria Williams) music_note Victoria Williams recorded The Puppy Song for the album For The Love of Harry: Everybody Sings Nilsson .
Good Old Desk (performed by Ron Sexsmith) music_note Ron Sexsmith's recording of Good Old Desk is available on his Rarities CD.
Lost and Found [1994] album No album of this name was ever released. Lost and Found was one of the rumored titles for Harry Nilsson's last album.   Harry's estate copyrighted a collection of songs called Lost and Found but the album released in 2019 was titled ...
Daddy's Got a Brown New Robe [1994] album No album of this title was ever released.   Daddy's Got a Brown New Robe (or Papa's Got a Brown New Robe or Lost and Found ) is the title that Harry Nilsson proposed for the album he recorded during the last year of his life. Harry ...