Title Summary
Pussy Cats {Edsel CD} [1991] album
For Our Children [1991] album Various artists perform for the benefit of the Pediatric AIDS Foundation . Harry contributed a new version of "Blanket For A Sail ."   This album was reissued in 1999 as For Our Children: 10th Anniversary Edition .
The Moonbeam Song (performed by Micky Dolenz) music_note Micky Dolenz's recording of The Moonbeam Song is on his 1991 album Micky Dolenz Puts You to Sleep .
Without You/Early in the Morning [1991] album This CD from Korea is an unofficial re-issue of Nilsson Schmilsson .
Nilsson Schmilsson {Mobile Fidelity Gold CD} [1991] album Gold CD. Nilsson Schmilsson is Harry's best-selling album. It spent nearly one year on the charts, reaching #3, and going gold. A poster was included with the album. "That album was a great meeting [of minds] ... I was so glad to meet Richard Perry ...
How About You music_note Harry Nilsson performed "How About You " for the soundtrack of Terry Gilliam's The Fisher King .   Ralph Freed wrote the lyrics of "How About You ." The music was composed by Burton Lane . The song was written for the 1941 film Babes on ...