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Duit on Mon Dei {1981 Japanese CD Reissue} [1981] album
Play It Again With Feeling [1981] album This LP was produced by RCA Special Products for Wembley , a manufacturer of ties. The album was offered at a discount if you bought one or two Wembley ties at participating retailers. It was free with the purchase of three ties.  
Nobody Cares About the Railroads Anymore (performed by Ken Delo) music_note Ken Delo sings "Nobody Cares About the Railroads Anymore " in an episode ("Salute to Our Senior Citizens") of the Lawrence Welk TV show which originally aired on March 21, 1981. ...
AFRTS Basic Musical Library {P-19656} [1981] album
I Guess The Lord Must Be In New York City (performed by Liza Minnelli) music_note Liza Minnelli's performance of I Guess The Lord Must Be In New York City is included on the video tape "An Evening with Liza Minnelli ." The performance was recorded at the New Orleans Theater of the Performing Arts .
Whatever Happened To...? The Great Rock And Pop Nostalgia Book book Harry Nilsson is one of the 200+ rock and pop stars listed in this book.    
Red Mountain Music [1981] album
A Little Touch of Schmilsson in the Night {Best Buy LP Reissue} [1981] album A "Best Buy" reissue.    
Son of Schmilsson {Best Buy LP Reissue} [1981] album A "Best Buy " reissue. Son of Schmilsson was released while Nilsson Schmilsson was still on the charts. It hit #12, spent 31 weeks on the charts, and went gold. "Songs come differently each time, each album is unique. In Africa , the year before last, ...