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Mi Amigo music_note "Mi Amigo " is a song from Harry Nilsson and Perry Botkin's play "Zapata ."   Harry recorded the song in 1978 for a proposed album, Harry Sings Zapata .   "Mi Amigo" is a comic dialogue between Zapata and Pancho Villa - with Harry as ...
This Could Be the Night (performed by Tatsuro Yamashita ) music_note Japanese singer/songwriter Tatsuro Yamashita recorded "This Could Be the Night " for his 1978 album Go Ahead . "This Could Be the Night" by Tatsuro Yamashita ...
Ain't It Kinda Wonderful / I'm Bringing A Red, Red Rose [1978] library_music Side B is "I'm Bringing A Red, Red Rose " performed by John Morris .
Ain't It Kinda Wonderful / Ain't It Kinda Wonderful {Promo} [1978] library_music
AFRTS Basic Musical Library {P-17614} [1978] album
Greatest Hits [1978] album Harry Nilsson was angered by RCA's release of this album which features a look-a-like on the front cover.   Look at this. This is RCA for you. That's not me. Now, do you think RCA has got any fucking soul whatsoever, when they do shit like this? I begged ...
...That's the Way It Is {Saudi Arabia, Cassette} [1978] album This audio cassette release of ...That's the Way It Is includes a few songs from A Little Touch of Schmilsson in the Night .
Ford Motor Company Presents Quadrasonic Sound for Today {1978} [1978] album A demonstration tape included with 1978 Ford automobiles equipped with a "quadrasonic" tape player.   RCA produced seven different quadrophonic sampler tapes for Ford from 1974 to 1980.
Harry Nilsson {Korean LP} [1978] album      
Harry Nilsson's Greatest Hits [1978] album
Harry Sings Zapata [1978] album No album of this name was ever released.   Harry Nilsson considered releasing an album of the songs he co-wrote for the play Zapata . The album might have been called Harry Sings Zapata .
The World's Greatest Lover {LP} [1978] album
What Are We Fighting For? music_note What Are We Fighting For? is one of the songs from "Zapata " which Harry recorded for a proposed album called Harry Sings Zapata .
Up The Revolution music_note From the play Zapata .
Ain't It Kinda Wonderful music_note "Ain't It Kinda Wonderful" is from The World's Greatest Lover soundtrack.