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Nilsson Sings Newman {Stereophonic LP} [1970] album   Randy was tired of the album when we were finishing making it, because for him it was just doing piano and voice, piano and voice, over and over and over. But I needed that practice because I needed to learn the songs inside and out the way that ...
Rose Di Neve (performed by Alice & Ellen Kessler) music_note Alice & Ellen Kessler released "Rose Di Neve" as the A-Side of a single ( Valiant - ZV 50086) in 1970.   "Rose Di Neve" by Alice and Ellen Kessler ...
It's Been So Long (performed by Gary & The New Travellers) music_note Gary & The New Travellers released their recording of "It's Been So Long " as the flip side of a single, "No Sugar Tonight " ( Metromedia 174), released in 1970.    
Ma Luulen Niin, On Aika Menna Kotiin (performed by Eero Raittinen) music_note Eero Raittinen's Finnish version of I Guess the Lord Must Be in New York City was released as the B-side of a single by RCA (RCA FAS 027).
Gemeinsam (performed by Liesbeth List) music_note
Poly High (performed by Harpers Bizarre) music_note Harry Nilsson co-produced Harpers Bizarre's recording of "Poli High ." "Poly High" by Harper's Bizarre
Don't Leave Me (performed by Perry Como) music_note Perry Como's recording of "Don't Leave Me " was the b-side to a single (RCA 74-0356). "Love Is Spreading Over the World" was the a-side. It was also released on an EP called "It's Impossible" in Portugal (RCA TP-678). ...
Rainmaker (performed by Bobbie Gentry) music_note Bobbie Gentry recorded "Rainmaker " for her 1970 album Fancy (Capitol ST-428). "Rainmaker" by Bobbie Gentry
Maybe (performed by Barbra Streisand) music_note Barbra Streisand recorded Harry Nilsson's Maybe for her 1971 album Stoney End . The album was produced by Richard Perry and arranged by Perry Botkin . "Maybe" ...
So Long Dad music_note
The Beehive State music_note   "Beehive State" by Harry Nilsson
Down To The Valley music_note
Yellow Man / Caroline {Canada} [1970] library_music
Yellow Man / Caroline {New Zealand} [1970] library_music
Yellow Man / Caroline {Promo} [1970] library_music
Waiting music_note "Waiting " is from the movie Jenny starring Marlo Thomas and Alan Alda .
AFRTS Basic Musical Library {P-11821} [1970] album
Dayton, Ohio 1903 music_note
The Puppy Song (performed by Astrud Gilberto) music_note Astrud Gilberto's recording of The Puppy Song is available on her CDs Astrud Gilberto and The Girl from Ipanema .
1941 (performed by John Randolph Marr) music_note John Randolph Marr recorded 1941 for his 1970 album John Randolph Marr . The album is a "Nilsson House " production.
Maybe (performed by Richard Barnes) music_note Richard Barnes recorded Maybe for his 1970 album Take to the Mountains .
John Randolph Marr [1970] album
Bill Martin's Concerto for Headphones and Contra-Buffoon in Asia Minor {LP} [1970] album Bill Martin's comedy album was produced by Harry Nilsson and Hank Cicalo .
Caroline music_note "Caroline " was the only song Randy Newman wrote specifically for Harry Nilsson's Nilsson Sings Newman album.  
Su-Kal-De-Don {Short Version} music_note The b-side of the white-label promotional single for Scottie Jackson's recording of Su-Kal-De-Don is a shorter version of the song.
Poly High {Harpers Bizarre} music_note Harry Nilsson was one of the producers of Harpers Bizarre's recording of Nilsson's Poli High .
I'll Be Home {Demo} music_note Demo version of I'll Be Home .
Living Without You {Demo} music_note Demo version.
Love Story {Demo} music_note
Cowboy {Demo} music_note
Su-Kal-De-Don music_note
P.O.V. Waltz music_note
Buy My Album music_note
Everything's Got 'Em music_note
Are You Sleeping? music_note
Yellow Man music_note
Love Story music_note
Living Without You music_note "The milk truck hauls the sun up And the paper hits the door The subway shakes my floor And I think about you...." "I defy anyone not to get misty eyed during Living Without You . ' It's so hard, it's so hard, it's sooooo hard living ...
I'll Be Home music_note A brief bit of I'll Be Home appears in Buy My Album .
Cowboy music_note The theme from Midnight Cowboy can be heard during the fade out of Cowboy .