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Down To The Valley music_note
Yellow Man / Caroline {Canada} [1970] library_music
Yellow Man / Caroline {New Zealand} [1970] library_music
Yellow Man / Caroline {Promo} [1970] library_music
Waiting music_note "Waiting " is from the movie Jenny starring Marlo Thomas and Alan Alda .
AFRTS Basic Musical Library {P-11821} [1970] album
Dayton, Ohio 1903 music_note
Maybe (performed by Barbra Streisand) music_note Barbra Streisand recorded Harry Nilsson's Maybe for her 1971 album Stoney End . The album was produced by Richard Perry and arranged by Perry Botkin .
The Puppy Song (performed by Astrud Gilberto) music_note Astrud Gilberto's recording of The Puppy Song is available on her CDs Astrud Gilberto and The Girl from Ipanema .
Mauulen Niin On Aika Mennaotiin (performed by Eero Raittinen) music_note Eero Raittinen's Finnish version of I Guess the Lord Must Be in New York City was released as the B-side of a single by RCA (RCA FAS 027).
1941 (performed by John Randolph Marr) music_note John Randolph Marr recorded 1941 for his 1970 album John Randolph Marr . The album is a "Nilsson House " production.
Poly High (performed by Harpers Bizarre) music_note Harry Nilsson co-produced Harpers Bizarre's recording of Poli High ( Poly High ).
Don't Leave Me (performed by Perry Como) music_note Perry Como's recording of Don't Leave Me was the b-side to a single (RCA 74-0356). "Love Is Spreading Over the World" was the a-side. It was also released on an EP called "It's Impossible" in Portugal (RCA TP-678).
Maybe (performed by Richard Barnes) music_note Richard Barnes recorded Maybe for his 1970 album Take to the Mountains .
Rainmaker (performed by Bobbie Gentry) music_note Bobbie Gentry recorded Rainmaker for her 1970 album Fancy (Capitol ST-428).
John Randolph Marr [1970] album
Bill Martin's Concerto for Headphones and Contra-Buffoon in Asia Minor {LP} [1970] album Bill Martin's comedy album was produced by Harry Nilsson and Hank Cicalo .
Nilsson Sings Newman {Stereophonic LP} [1970] album All songs on Nilsson Sings Newman are by Randy Newman . Nilsson Sings Newman did not make it into the Billboard album chart but was awarded "Record of the Year " by Stereo Review .   The car in the painting on the front cover is a 1938 Graham .   Nilsson Sings Newman was the first ...
Caroline music_note "Caroline " was the only song Randy Newman wrote specifically for Harry Nilsson's Nilsson Sings Newman album.  
Su-Kal-De-Don {Short Version} music_note The b-side of the white-label promotional single for Scottie Jackson's recording of Su-Kal-De-Don is a shorter version of the song.
Lamaze music_note Lamaze was apparently recorded as a joke by Harry Nilsson during the sessions for The Story of Eric . This "theme" has a dissonant piano counterpoint and very funny fake French lyrics. Brief but memorable. (Source: Curtis Armstrong )
Poly High {Harpers Bizarre} music_note Harry Nilsson was one of the producers of Harpers Bizarre's recording of Nilsson's Poli High .
Living Without You {Demo} music_note Demo version.
I'll Be Home {Demo} music_note Demo version of I'll Be Home .
Love Story {Demo} music_note
Cowboy {Demo} music_note
Su-Kal-De-Don music_note
P.O.V. Waltz music_note
Buy My Album music_note
Everything's Got 'Em music_note
Are You Sleeping? music_note
Yellow Man music_note
The Beehive State music_note
So Long Dad music_note Randy Newman's version of So Long Dad is on his self-titled debut album. Nilsson recorded the song for Nilsson Sings Newman .
Love Story music_note
Living Without You music_note "The milk truck hauls the sun up And the paper hits the door The subway shakes my floor And I think about you...." "I defy anyone not to get misty eyed during Living Without You . ' It's so hard, it's so hard, it's sooooo hard living without you ,' Nilsson repeats. Over and over. I ...
I'll Be Home music_note A brief bit of I'll Be Home appears in Buy My Album .
Cowboy music_note The theme from Midnight Cowboy can be heard during the fade out of Cowboy .