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Think of Rain music_note "Think of Rain" is an unreleased song recorded during the Aerial Ballet sessions.   We learned from someone at RCA who was compiling a Nilsson package that "Think of Rain" was listed on a tape box, but razor-cut out. (Harry apparently did ...
Cuddly Toy music_note After selling "Cuddly Toy" to The Monkees and receiving a $40,000 guarantee Harry Nilsson felt secure enough to quit his job at the bank . He called his boss who chided Nilsson "for making jokes over the phone," But when he sensed I was serious ...
Cuddly Toy (performed by Monkees) music_note The Monkees recorded a version of "Cuddly Toy " in April of 1967. It appeared in November 1967 on their Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones Ltd. album.   Pandemonium Shadow Show which contains Nilsson's version of the song was ...
Pandemonium Shadow Show {Promotional} [1967] album "The True One" promotional box set with a biography, information sheet, lyrics for all Nilsson compositions, a button, two 8x10 photographs, a poster, and balloons.
Ten Little Indians (performed by Yardbirds) music_note The Yardbirds recorded a cover of Harry Nilsson's Ten Little Indians . "Ten Little Indians" by the Yardbirds   "When I was still in the ...
Sleep Late, My Lady Friend music_note Harry Nilsson's "Sleep Late, My Lady Friend" includes the line "And dream a dream of Cielito Lindo." "Cielito Lindo" means "Beautiful Sky" and that's probably the reference Nilsson intended. "Cielito Lindo" is also the name of a Mexican folk song ...
New Nilsson Songs [1967] album Promotional record released by Perry Botkin and Gil Garfield's publishing company to promote Harry's songs. Ten of the album's thirteen tracks were written (or co-written) by Harry Nilsson . The songs are performed by Robin Ward , Jimmie Cross , Jean King ...
Pandemonium Shadow Show {Monophonic LP} [1967] album Monophonic version.
Spotlight on Nilsson {1967 Stereophonic LP} [1967] album Reissue.
Spotlight on Nilsson {8-track} [1967] album Reissue.
Pandemonium Shadow Show {Stereophonic LP} [1967] album Stereo version.
Tower Demonstration Album for September [1967] album
She Sang Hymns Out Of Tune {Monophonic Single Version} music_note
Without Her {New Nilsson Songs} music_note Harry Nilsson recorded a version of Without Her for the New Nilsson Songs demo album.
Joy {Aerial Pandemonium Ballet} music_note An alternate version of Joy is included as a bonus track on the Buddha reissue of Aerial Pandemonium Ballet . This version is not the same as the demo versions on the Camden release.
Early In The Morning {Demo} music_note Early In the Morning first appeared on the Nilsson Schmilsson album. This early demo (with an even stronger vocal) is included as a bonus track on Buddha's reissue of Aerial Pandemonium Ballet .
There Will Never Be {New Nilsson Songs} music_note Demo recorded for the New Nilsson Songs album.
The Story Of Rock And Roll music_note Harry Nilsson plays piano on the Turtles's recording of The Story Of Rock And Roll .
Hey Little Girl music_note
Countin' music_note Harry Nilsson performed Countin' as a demo for the Monkees . Harry described it as "cute" and made several false starts before finishing the song.
Don't Say Goodbye music_note
Ain't Doing Too Bad music_note
There Will Never Be music_note
She Sang Hymns Out of Tune music_note
She's Leaving Home music_note
River Deep-Mountain High music_note
Freckles music_note
Introduction music_note
Closing music_note
It's Been So Long music_note