Title Summary
Headlines (performed by The Sunday Funnies) music_note "Headlines" by The Sunday Funnies
Let Me Go music_note "Let Me Go" was recorded by Pat and Andre and released as a single ( Warner Bros. 5824). Nilsson and Cole wrote the song with the Righteous Brothers in mind, but they never recorded it. [1] ...
Paradise (performed by Shangri Las) music_note The Shangri Las's recording of "Paradise " can be found on the The Best of the Shangri-Las.   "Paradise" by the Shangri-Las  
Baby It's Over (performed by Debbie Burton) music_note "Baby It's Over" by Debbie Burton
Spotlight on Nilsson {1966 Stereophonic LP} [1966] album
Thinking About Tomorrow music_note Harry Nilsson performed Thinking About Tomorrow as a demo for the Monkees .
She's Yours music_note
The Path That Leads to Trouble music_note
I'm Gonna Lose My Mind music_note
Good Times music_note
Growin' Up music_note
Do You Believe music_note
1941 {New Nilsson Songs} music_note Harry Nilsson's "1941" is an autobiographical song originally released on Nilsson's Pandemonium Shadow Show album.   Well in 1941 a happy father had a son And by 1944 the father walked right out the door And in '45 the mom and son were still alive But ...