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Harry Nilsson News (2022-04-04)

Original LCD Soundsystem Members Reunite for DFA Records 20th Anniversary Party

LCD Soundsystem's original line-up has performed together at a party celebrating the twentieth anniversary of DFA Records.


The last time that the group's original members, James Murphy, Nancy Whang, Pat Mahoney, Tyler Pope, and Phil Mossman shared the stage together was fifteen years earlier.


At the March 26, 2022, party in New York City the group played five songs including Harry Nilsson's "Jump Into the Fire" which had last been performed by the group on April 2, 2011, at Madison Square Garden. LCD Soundsystem often included "Jump Into the Fire" as an encore to end their concerts. [1]




Harry Nilsson News (2021-12-11)

Kiefo Nilsson and John C. Reilly Perform The Point! Live

On Saturday, December 11, 2021, the Will Geer Theatricum Botanicum in Topanga, California presents a live performance of Harry Nilsson's "The Point!.


The performance, lead by Nilsson's son, Kiefo Nilsson with narration by actor John C. Reilly, is part of a series of events at the theater from noon until 6pm.


Kiefo is hoping to take the live show on a nationwide with varying celebrity narrators starting in 2012.


John C. Reilly, he's gonna do this show and we like to rotate the narrator but he and I have spoken about doing another Nilsson show and he would like to present some of these songs. Nothing has been confirmed.

-- Kiefo Nilsson


Harry Nilsson News (2021-10-13)

Rick Jarrard Dies

Rick Jarrard died on October 13, 2021.


Rick Jarrard brought Harry Nilsson to the attention of RCA and produced Nilsson's first recordings for the company.


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Harry Nilsson News (2021-07-24)

Stuart Ginsburg Dies

Stuart Ginsburg has died.


Ginsburg began writing for Creem magazine after graduating from college. Then he began a long career in publicity for RCA and other record companies.


At RCA, he penned the promotional letter included with Harry Nilsson's Scatalogue album.


Ginsburg passed away on July 23, 2021, at the age of 76.

Harry Nilsson News (2021-06-12)

Richard Perry's Autobiography Published

Richard Perry's memoir, Cloud Nine: Memoirs of a Record Producer, is now available from booksellers. The famed producer tells his life story and chronicles his work on Harry Nilsson's Nilsson Schmilsson and many other hit records,


The 386 page book is available in paperback and as an eBook for Amazon's Kindle reader.



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Featured Article of the Day

Tonight Show

Harry Nilsson wrote "Tonight Song" as a possible new theme for the Tonight Show when Jay Leno became the host.


On the June 15, 1998, episode of The Tonight Show Ringo Starr was Jay Leno's first guest.


My (soon to be) wife and I visited Los Angeles to attend Harryfest 1998. Before we left Florida, a friend got us tickets to view a taping of The Tonight Show. She got us VIP passes for the taping on June 15. A few days later, she called back to tell us that she had just learned that Ringo Starr was scheduled to be a guest that day.
Harry was Ringo's best friend. We were going to LA to meet other Nilsson fans. And the show was being taped on Harry's birthday. It seemed too perfect, so I asked my friend if we could arrange to give something to Ringo.
She called back to say that we could leave a package, wrapped in clear plastic, with a guard at the NBC gate.
Monday morning, we gathered up some Nilsson-related stuff to put in the package. As we were about to wrap up the package, I noticed that Curtis Armstrong was wearing a promotional Duit on Mon Dei button. I pretty much just looked at him and he handed us the button, We put in on top in the package with a note reading "Dear Ringo. Please wear this button on the show. If you don't, we want it back."
We left to drive to the NBC Studios. I missed the Burbank exit and we arrived late. I illegally parked on the street near the studio (along with dozens of other illegally parked cars) and we went to the VIP guest entrance. I didn't have time to drop the package off at security, so I gave it to an NBC page and expected it to disappear.
We entered the studio and were seated up high in the VIP area. When Ringo was introduced, he walked out. He was wearing a button. Bracha remarked that it looked too big to be our button. I reminded her that Ringo is small. Then we looked up at the monitor and could clearly see that he was wearing the button that we had given him.
Jay Leno talked with him and Ringo stayed in the guest's chair during the commercial break. Bracha stood, waved, and pointed to her chest - which got Ringo's attention (he married a Bond girl, you know). Ringo looked our way and realized that we were telling him that we had given him the Nilsson button. He smiled and gave us a thumbs up gesture.

-- Roger Smith


Ringo Starr on The Tonight Show

Welcome to the Harry Nilsson Web Pages

This site is dedicated to the music and memory of Harry Nilsson. From the late 1960s through the early '90s, Nilsson produced music that both challenged norms and celebrated the past - often within the same song.
On first listen, his early Pandemonium Shadow Show is just an appealing collection of bouncy pop songs, a product of the time when it was released. But, on closer listen songs like "1941" and "Without Her" feature poignant and wistful lyrics on top of their upbeat, pop melodies. To the listener in the late 1960s, the melodies and songs, such as “Freckles” sometimes invoked what would have seemed a nostalgic air, but they still sound fresh more than fifty years later.
Nilsson remained unconventional throughout his career. He never toured to support an album and he made few TV appearances. He released an album of songs which were all written by another songwriter. He recorded an album of standards in front of an orchestra. He followed up his best selling album and song with an album featuring a song pretty much guaranteed to surprise, if not offend, his new fans.
Harry ventured into movies and TV, creating a classic animated story (“The Point!”) and writing the music and songs for the once-panned, but now cult favorite, film Popeye starring Robin Williams.
In the last years of his life, after his friend John Lennon was shot and killed, Harry stepped back from music and, ironically perhaps, more into the public eye as the spokesperson for the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence advocating for sensible gun laws in America.
A heart attack took Harry’s life in early 1994. Yet, his memory lives on in the hearts and minds of his friends, family, and fans. And his music lives on with Sony releasing a comprehensive collection of his works on CD and his music being featured prominently in TV and movies.